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Welcome to Attas Travel. We are a small family owned travel agents based on the tropical island paradise of Gili Meno. Gili Meno is one of three small islands located just off the coast of Lombok in Indonesia.

Our office is located on the east coast in the center, next to Karma Resort just minutes from the harbor.  Gili Meno (middle island) is the most peaceful of the three islands making it a great escape for those of us that simply want to get away from it all. Fringed with white coral beaches and clear warm turquoise seas it’s a perfect place to unwind. There are no cars or motorbikes; all transport is by the local horse-drawn carts (cidomos) or by bicycle. The relaxed pace of life and the community feeling on the island is what makes it really special.

Although small we are a multi culturally owned business as I originally hail from Yorkshire in England and my husband… Atta is Indonesian, a Sasak native of the island of Lombok. We both have vast experience in the travel industry, myself in the UK, Spain and over the last 12 years in Indonesia itself whilst my husband has always been involved with travel in some shape or form for many years. He originally started out as a guide for the mighty Rinjani volcano in Lombok and has since developed his career working for some of the larger travel companies in Lombok before opening his own business.

We feel our different backgrounds make for a good team in running our travel agents. Atta with his great knowledge of local culture, history and geography and myself perhaps for understanding  what a western person really wants from a holiday. Over time we have tracked down the best guides, the best snorkeling spots and the best hidden gems to make your holiday that little bit more special! We pride ourselves on taking the best care of our guests, making sure things run smoothly, safely and efficiently so you can totally relax knowing you are in good hands.


Happy Travels!

Tina & Atta


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