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  • What is the best time of year for a Komodo Tour?
    Our Komodo tour closes every year for the wet season normally from approx mid December through to the end of February. Please contact us for the latest updates if you wish to travel near this time.
  • Are there western toilets and showers on board the boat?
    All our boats have a western toilet, sometimes also a squat one. For washing, there’s a traditional mandi — a large water butt with a scoop (the water is salty).
  • Do I need to take extra provisions with me and where can I buy them?
    Water is included, as well as tea & coffee. We recommend you take snacks (for between meals) and any beer or soft drinks you may need. These can be bought beforehand at any local supermarket or at the meeting point at Taman Sari Resto. It’s a good idea to put your name on any drinks you purchase to save getting mixed up later.
  • Will I be able to charge my phone?
    Yes, you can charge your phones, however you need to share the outlet with others on board and it's by solar power. There is no WiFi so, if you need internet access, buy a cheap Indonesian SIM card before the journey.
  • What food is provided and are there vegetarian options?
    Food is good Indonesian fare and is plentiful. Three meals a day. Pancakes for breakfast. Meals are served buffet style. Includes some chicken & fish, but also lots of rice, vegetables, tempeh & fruit, so no worries if you’re vegetarian.
  • Where can I store my luggage during the trip?
    We have a large store room on the boat where your main luggage is safely stored for the journey. Try to organize what you need for the journey in a separate small bag for easy access, although you can access your main luggage if necessary.
  • Is the trip good to take kids on to?
    We’ve found kids have a great time on the trip. However keep a close eye on them at all times whilst snorkeling in case of any strong currents & bring suitably sized life jackets, masks & fins with you as they are not available. Plus listen to your guide carefully whilst on Komodo when visiting the dragons.
  • When departing from Labuan Bajo, at what time do we arrive in Lombok?
    We arrive into Lombok harbor around 11am. A shuttle bus is available back to Mataram, Senggigi or Bangsal.
  • When departing from Lombok, at what time do we arrive in Labuan Bajo in Flores?
    We arrive into Labuan Bajo around 3pm-4pm.
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