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About Us

Welcome to Atta’s Travel. We look forward to creating the most beautiful travel experience for you!

We are a small, family run tourism agency with vast experience in the travel industry and a deep passion for introducing others to the beauty of Indonesia — specifically the hidden gems of Lombok Island.

Atta’s Travel is based on the tropical island paradise of Gili Meno — one of three small islands located just off the coast of Lombok. Gili meno, the middle island, is the most peaceful of the three islands. Making it a great escape for those of us that simply want to get away from it all. Fringed with white coral beaches and clear warm turquoise seas, it’s a perfect place to unwind. There are no cars or motorbikes; all transport is by the local horse-drawn carts (cidomos) or by bicycle. The relaxed pace of life and the community feeling on the island is what makes it really special.  

We pride ourselves in our ability to understand and connect with our guests and what they desire out of a travel experience. Our own firsthand experience of what tourists may be looking for, in combination with a wealth of knowledge and experience of Indonesian culture and destinations, helps us to help you!

Over the years, we have tracked down the absolute best guides, the most stunning snorkeling spots, and the best hidden gems to make your holiday that little bit more special!

We pride ourselves on taking the best care of our guests, making sure things run smoothly, safely and efficiently so you can totally relax knowing you are in good hands. Happy travels!

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